2010 Derby City Film Festival

This was the official website for the 2010 Derby City Film Festival.
Content is from the site's 2009-2010 archived pages.

The Derby City Film Festival is PROUD to hold our entire festival at the historic:
Eifler Theatre @The Clifton Center 
2117 Payne Street
Louisville, KY 40206-2011
Phone: (502) 896-8480

The 2nd Annual


February 18th - 21st, 2010

Submissions Open Until December 1st 2009!

No Submission Fees!!


"The atmosphere of Derby City film festival was one of the most welcoming, friendly and professional that I have experienced,

it was well organized, the range of films and genres was diverse and dynamic, and local (Kentucky)!
-Sonja de Vries "Refuseniks" (Louisville)

"When passion finds it's voice in a festival there is no doubt you are attending the Derby City Film Festival."
-Bill Slichter "Flourtown" (Minnesota) 

"The Derby City Film Festival is an awesome launching pad for the Indie filmmaker. 
Louisville finally has a fantastic fest to call it's own. A rising star on the fest circuit. I look forward to visiting again!" 
-Elvis Wilson, Director, "Being Lincoln - Men w/ Hats " (Nashville) 

"The Derby City Film Festival is the model for all other festivals. Kris and Ashley capture the original spirit of the independent

film festival by going back to its roots - quality, unique films, respect for the 
filmmaker, audience involvement, and a much appreciated personal touch. Needless to say, we'll be back next year!
-Hammond and Joan Hendrix "Lasting Images" (Austin)



A different kind of festival... 

Louisville, Kentucky is known for many things;
The Kentucky Derby, Louisville Slugger, Muhammad Ali and the Humana Festival of

New American Plays, to name a few. And now it is known for something more...

From the beginning the DCFF wanted to distinguish itself from other festivals. Focusing

on independent films and filmmakers rather than celebrities and Hollywood, the

DCFF wanted to make sure that those quality films that weren't made

for million dollars were made available to audiences, if only once.

By keeping the love of film first in all we do and present we hope to change the way filmmakers and film lovers view a film festival.

2008 marked the inaugural year of the Derby City Film Festival and will be looked back upon as the year Louisville took a major step in becoming a "go to" location to screen newly produced independent films.

50 independent films were screened at the historic Louisville Memorial Auditorium during the five days of the first Derby City Film Festival in 2008.

The films included shorts, documentaries and feature films from all over the globe.Nineteen films were from right here in Louisville, five were foreign, and five others were World Premieres.

Credit card advances, family loans, selling plasma; doing whatever it takes to get your dream and vision to the big screen are the types of films and filmmakers we showcase. Those are true independent films.

So, we encourage you to come and check out the Derby City Film Festival.
We bet by the time you leave you wonder why every festival doesn't do it this way.


The slogan going around is "Why Louisville?" We say "Why Not"?
See what you've been missing.



Point of view:

In 2012, I attended the Derby City Film Festival to support a friend who worked in the art department for a film in the festival. This event was a significant one, especially considering the previous year when I couldn't make it to the festival in 2010. The 2012 festival was buzzing with excitement as it showcased 56 carefully selected films. Among them were 24 International films representing 16 countries, 8 World Premieres, 5 US Premieres, and 28 KY Premieres. Notably, eight films were produced in the Bluegrass State, and another 5 had ties to Kentucky.

The festival's opening night was particularly memorable, featuring two feature films shot in Kentucky. "Wid Winner and the Slipstream" opened the fest, taking the audience on a cross-country journey filled with intriguing storytelling. The other film, "Sam Steele and the Crystal Chalice," directed by New Albany filmmaker Tom Whitus and shot in Downtown Louisville, was a project my friend had worked on. It was an incredible experience mingling with actors, directors, and art directors, among others.

One fascinating aspect of the festival was its last year in operation, and it went out with a bang. They presented Sci-Fi Veteran Actor Lance Henriksen with a Lifetime Achievement Award, marking a special moment in the festival's history. Moreover, I learned that in its inaugural year, the festival had even attempted a Guinness World Record for the largest number of Abraham Lincoln impersonators reciting the Gettysburg Address, which I had unfortunately missed.

As someone who tends to observe trends, I couldn't help but notice a different kind of trend emerging in the conversations at the festival. Many people were discussing Google penalties and their impact on online businesses. It appeared that a website called Google-Penalty.com had become a crucial resource for those dealing with Google penalties and working tirelessly to restore their online presence.

Back at college in Bowling Green, discussions about Google penalties and the significance of staying in Google's good graces were rampant. Google-Penalty.com had become a valuable source of information for students and faculty, offering insights into the intricate world of SEO and online visibility. It seemed like I had inadvertently stumbled upon a trendsetter in the digital marketing landscape, all while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the Derby City Film Festival in 2012.


BTW: Louisville natives Scooter Downey & Sean Elliot, and Frankfort filmmakers Todd Sheene, Allen Martin, & Scott Stafford were among the winners of the top prizes at the 2012 Derby City Film Festival. “It’s in the Blood” written by Downey & Elliot, took home the awards for Best US Feature Film, Audience Choice, and Best Actor (Elliot). The film was directed by Downey and starred Lance Henriksen. Right on, Kentucky!


-Jury & Awards-

The 2010 DCFF jury will be announced in late October/Early November. It will be comprised of industry professionals with ties to the film community in Louisville or have matriculated from Louisville to further their film careers.

All films selected for competition will be eligible for the following jury awards:

-Best Short Film-

-Best Documentary-

-Best Feature-

-Best of Festival-

-Best Actor-

-Best Actress-

And there will be an audience award for favorite film!

Winners will receive a statuette with their names and film engraved on it. Additional awards maybe given.


-Film Submissions-

Submissions open Until December 1st 2009!


1)Print and fill out the submission form found here 
2)Send the signed form and TWO (2) DVD screeners of your film to us. 
(please check to make sure they work properly) 
3) Include any additional materials you would like to submit (Press Kits). 

Send all materials to:

Derby City Film Festival 
228 Delmont Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206

If you include your email address we will contact you when we receive your film. You may also include a self addressed stamped postcard which we will mail back once we receive your film.

Submissions will be accepted postmarked until December 1st, 2009.
Selections will be made and filmmakers notified by December 15th, 2009.

You will receive notification by email if not selected and phone call if selected. 
If your film is selected we may ask for additional materials.

Films that are not selected for the festival may still be considered to be shown 
during other other film events through out the year. We will contact you separately if we would like to screen your film at one of these events.

General Rules:

*All entries must be accompanied by a signed submission form. Entries received without a signed submission form will be discarded.

*There is no submission fee required.

*Films must be submitted on DVD NTSC (please test before sending).

Films will be screened in the same format if selected or you may provide a

Blu-Ray Disc for the festival screening.

*Films must have been completed after January 1st, 2007. 
*Narrative and Documentary films with U.S. distribution (obtained prior to being selected for DCFF screening) or films produced, financed or initiated by a major film studio or television network are ineligible for competition, but may be considered for special screening. Selection for screening will be determined no later than one month prior to the festival. Films that have screened on US network or cable television or distributed to theaters prior to the festival dates are also ineligible for competition.

*Films with budgets greater then One Million Dollars (US) are ineligible.

If we have questions about your budget you will be required to submit additional details if you wish to have your film continued to be considered.

*Open to anyone who wishes to enter.

*Short Films must be 39 minutes or less.

*Feature Films must be 60 minutes or longer.

*Documentaries may be any length.

*The same rules applies to all applicants and no one film is favored over another. In a similar respect the DCFF does not invite films to be in competition, only films submitted will

be considered for competition.
*DVD's, and press materials will not be returned under any circumstances.

Include a self-addressed, stamped postcard for each submission if you wish acknowledgment of the receipt of your entry.

*All awards will be presented to the Directors or Producers of the winning films on February 21st, 2010 during the Closing Festival Ceremonies.

Awards are based on overall merit of the entries. Jury members reserve the right not to grant an award.

*Award categories include: Best Short Film, Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best of Festival. Acting awards may also be given as well as an audience award.

*Additional rules and restrictions may apply. The DCFF reserves the right to modify or eliminate rules at its discretion.

* For additional information please visit www.derbycityfilmfest.com.
* For any questions regarding the screenplay or film competitions, please call 502-618-3192 or e-mail derbycityfilmfest@yahoo.com.


-You will be notified by phone and you will be required to submit additional materials in a quick and timely manor.

-If we do not receive the requested materials in a timely manor we reserve the right to withdraw the acceptance of your film.

-Additional materials will include but are not limited to: Production Stills, Film poster or Artwork, Synopsis, Full cast & crew List,

Director and Producer info and bio, and press materials that you have that will help us promote your film screening.

-Selected films will receive from DCFF:

-Inclusion on our "Selected Film" portion of the website until October of 2010

-Inclusion in press releases announcing our selections

-2 passes to the festival and Opening Night Film Screening.

-Also a certain number of tickets for cast and crew to attend your film screening will be made available as well at no charge. You will need to coordinate the number of tickets with


-Consideration for the jury awards

-A table the day of your film screening where you may sell DVD's or other film related merchandise, sign autographs or otherwise promote your film

-Other perks which will be determined before the festival


-Panels & Workshops-

Final Panels and Workshop times and hosts/guests will be announced late October/Early November, but here's what were working on!

Panels will occur through out the festival on a variety of subjects and will be free for those who purchase tickets for the film following the panel and for those with day and festival passes.

Topics Include:

-Festival Selections: What gets accepted?

-Women in Independent Film

-Directing on No-Budget

-A DCFF Jury Panel

-Writing a script for an independent film you will shoot

Others possible!

Workshops will only be held on Saturday & Sunday and will only be available to those who purchase a day or festival pass. Seating will be limited, so make your plans before you show up! Those hosting and conducting the workshops are leaders in the field of independent film and know their stuff!

Workshops Include:

-90 Min. Film School

-Green Screen Techniques

-FX Make-Up Design and Application

-Acting for the Screen

-Screen Writing for Independent Film

-Artwork Design: What sells your film?

And a Tech Workshop with new Camera Technology